Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Genres to pitch at the conference

The editors and agents coming to the 2010 Write Stuff conference represent a wide array of genres. If your work is represented on this list, there will be at least one publishing professional you can pitch to!

Speculative fiction
Science fiction (2)
Fantasy (3)
Young adult (3)
Middle grade (2)
Psychological suspense
Mysteries (2)
Romance (2)
Paranormal romance (2)
Romantic suspense
Women's fiction (2)
Literary fiction (2)
"Smart" commercial fiction

Narrative non-fiction (3)
History (2)
Science (2)
Women's issues

Unsure of what genre your work fits into? The following links might help.
Fiction genre definitions (go to "Info for writers")
Fiction genres (listed)
Fiction genres (Wikipedia)
Children's genres
Romance genres

If you hoped to pitch at The Write Stuff conference and don't see your genre listed: don't give up! We are working to replace one agent who had to cancel and your genre may yet show up. Here are a few things you could do if it doesn't:

  • Thoroughly research the books these agents have represented. They may not have listed your genre as one they are currently seeking, but that doesn't mean they haven't gotten behind such a book in the past.
  • Network with the agents at the welcome reception. The publishing community is a small world and when agents are asked about projects they don't represent they have been known to refer our conferees to other representatives at their agency, other agencies, or publishing companies that do.
  • Sign up to pitch to an editor or agent who represents work that sounds close to yours ("memoir,"  for example, could be a form of "narrative nonfiction") and hope they can point you in the right direction.
  • There are good reasons agents and editors list genres. This is a subjective business, and they can't be all things to all writers, so agents and editors list genres they typically resonate with. They also list genres for which they have good sales connections at publishing houses. They also may list genres they know they don't want, and we must respect that. But these industry professionals will be at our conference as a resource to you, so if you find yourself at breakfast or in the lunch line next to an agent or editor, feel free to pick his/her brain about the best way to further your career.
Read more about our agents and editors soon—full conference website is on the way!

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  1. Very much looking forward to sitting down with an agent!! Hopefully I will not pass out or babble incoherently!